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Finding the ideal PG or hostel is difficult, and it becomes a difficult procedure when you decide to move to a new place. Although it doesn't take long to find a PG or hostel in India, it undoubtedly takes a very long time to choose the perfect place to stay. In fact, campus housing, private hostels, and the model of paying guests in residence make up the majority of the student housing sector in India, which is incredibly unorganized. Finding a secure and comfortable place to move into a new location must be excruciating for students. It goes without saying that not all colleges and universities can accommodate all of their students, so was founded as a way to cut through the clutter and help students and travellers find a place to call home in a new city by eliminating overcrowded hostels, harsh landlords, and messy PGs.Every individual can use's online platform to discover cozy accommodation in hostels and PGs. Users of this specially created marketplace can interact with housing providers directly and enjoy a hassle-free approach. By saying goodbye to brokers and hassles, it aims to align people's rental needs with their wants and budget. In order to link hostel facilities around India and assist travelers in discovering the best areas to stay, is dedicated to going above and beyond travelers' expectations by making it simple to locate hostel facilities throughout India.Only 18 to 20% of these 76 percent of students can find housing in places with higher education facilities, claims research. Accommodations must be made outside of college and university campuses for rest. Nearly 10 million students in India move to the cities each year to pursue their academic goals. It goes without saying that a student's life is challenging to imagine, but technology is advancing quickly to support many facets of society, including the student community. Students' lives are being enlightened by, a revolutionary start-up in offers a variety of services, including Boy's Hostels, Girls' Hostels, Women's Hostels, PGs, Sharing Flats, Mess Services, Pet Hostels, and Blind Hostels. The revolutionary start-up was created to make it simpler for travellers, notably students, to afford accommodation in a new location without having to deal with obnoxious brokers or substandard facilities.