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Solving your problem is our priority . is the online travel portal which helps travellers to refine the search by type, price, category, extended overview of property which makes the process easier and quicker. website search allows users to compare hostel prices in just a few clicks, quickly and easily. We help all the travellers to compare rates as well as facilities among all the hostels across India. With site you can easily find the ideal hostel for desired location.

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Search My Hostel India has one such business idea which creates a great atmosphere for the Travellers. Whenever we go to visit a place with a tourist place, we try to book a hotel room to stay there, but if the price of hotel room stay is more than our budget, then we go to some Dharamshala or any local landlord. We choose the room, but there is a lot of restriction in the home or any landlord room and we do not get the kind of environment we want. It completely solves your problems, search my hostel. So come today and search best hostel and mess, and get best deal.

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Life of people are changing very rapidly due to the technical, cultural, economic, and social changes, people are getting more busier in their hectic life. People are moving to the cities either for getting education or preparing for competitions or doing their job. In this busy and hectic lifestyle people are compromising with the quality of food by eating unhealthy street food which cause various disease like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, obesity, and digestive health issues. Due to this very reason, they do not want to eat junk food regularly. Keeping the need of these people in mind, has created a platform where mess services can be easily searched by location, price & reviews. This system enhances the home-made foods for people, It offers a very good communication platform where the Mess owner can manage customer records and preferences easily whereas the customer can register and enjoy tiffin service based on personal preferences.